BIRD TABLES FINISHED IN COUNTRY CREAM These bird tables can be purchased in the Shopping Cart / Birdtables choosing the Product Number and then the options tab Product.No 1 Cream Tables have x1 coat of clear wood preserver plus x3 coats of Country Cream  PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 18 WORKING DAYS HAND-MADE BIRD TABLES
medium slate birdtable
Product No-25 Medium Table
quality handmade
Product No:-1 Medium Table
country cream
Product No:-6 Medium Table
large gazebo
Product No:-3 Large Gazebo
large slate roofed bird table
Product No:-4 Large Table
birdtable top
Product No:-3 Large Table
large bird table slate roof
Product No:-4 Large Table
sizes of bird tables
Pictured above a range of bird tables small / medium / large Largest is 1.9mtr tall